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World Information
Status: Online
Players Casting: 0

Currently This Server is the only with a unique system of broadcasting game in the current time. System is based on an official TibiaCast.

You can join a live stream by logging into the game by entering account number and password cast/cast. A list of all available casts will appear shortly and you choose what you would like to watch. After logging into the cast, you can chat with other audiences and with a person who is broadcasting.

To make your own broadcast, you must login to your account and use a command /cast on.

Full command list can be found below.

To watch a broadcast, you must login with your account and password cast/cast

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There are no players streaming right now.

Currently available commands for spectators:
/followage - Get your session time
/uptime - Get the caster session time
/setnick your_name - Set your nickname on the chat

Available commands for streaming players:
/cast on - enables the stream
/cast off - disables the stream
/cast password {password} - sets a password on the stream
/cast chat - Reopen your channel if you closed it
/cast count - displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators

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